Celebrate World Snow Day with us at Ski Bike Hike.

Winter is in full swing with snow covering the entire country, boasting a record number of skiers and snowboarders on both cross-country trails and slopes. On January 21st, World Snow Day is celebrated, a day filled with activities at facilities and slopes nationwide. It’s an opportunity to engage both seasoned and new riders. Together, we spread the joy of skiing to more people and set Sweden in motion.

On January 21st, it’s World Snow Day, but the ski season of 2024 is already in full swing with snow and open facilities. World Snow Day is celebrated in ski resorts worldwide, including, of course, Sweden and Ski Bike Hike. Alongside approximately 200 ski lifts across the country, we are gearing up for a day filled with activities.

We are open as usual between 09:00 and 16:00, but especially mark January 21 in your calendars for something extraordinary! On World Snow Day, there will be a celebration beyond the ordinary, as we offer free skiing for children and youth up to the age of 14. We strongly believe that the joy of skiing is something that stays with us throughout life, and it is this joy that we want to share with you on World Snow Day. By participating in this global celebration, we aim not only to spread joy but also to combat the increasing sedentary lifestyle in Sweden, especially during the winter months

Every krona that the public invests in physical activity yields four kronor back to society through lower healthcare costs. Home slopes play a crucial role by contributing to the joy of movement and public health during the part of the year when we spend the most time indoors and sedentary.

See you at World Snow Day!

Facts about Home Slopes

There are approximately 150 home slopes in Sweden, defined as ski facilities close to communities with the local population as their primary target audience. Home slopes are typically operated by non-profit associations, municipalities, or, in some cases, private companies.

Recent life cycle analyses indicate that the environmental and cost impact per person for ski facilities is comparable or even lower than, for example, swimming pools and ice rinks. A smaller ski facility consumes 60-70 percent less energy than an ice rink. Furthermore, there is much that municipalities and ski facilities can do together to improve energy efficiency, such as investing in efficient snow systems and enhancing positive environmental effects, such as protecting natural areas, promoting biodiversity, and enabling additional use during the summer months.

Facts about World Snow Day

World Snow Day is an initiative that was internationally launched by FIS in 2012 with the fundamental goal of dedicating a day to inspire snow joy. In 2024, it marks the third year of support from Friluftsfrämjandet, SLAO, and the Swedish Ski Association for home slopes across Sweden in various ways.

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