Exciting Update: Introducing Bus on Demand – Your Direct Route to Skibikehike Ulricehamn!

We are excited to announce that Västtrafik has launched its latest innovation in Ulricehamn – Bus on Demand. This innovative service complements traditional public transportation, providing passengers with a flexible and convenient transport solution.

A completely new travel experience:

Bus on Demand involves small buses ready to pick up and drop off passengers exactly where they need it. In contrast to conventional route tracking, Bus on Demand dynamically adapts to the passengers’ needs.

How it works:

Passengers can easily book their trip through the Bus on Demand app. If a ticket is needed, it can be conveniently purchased through Västtrafik To Go. Pick-up can occur at a regular bus stop or a virtual stop visible only in the app. The bus typically arrives within 10-20 minutes, and if there are other passengers with similar routes, they can travel together.

Times and Location:

Bus on Demand is available throughout the Ulricehamn urban area Monday to Friday between 7 am to 9 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm.

Practical Information:

The pricing structure for Bus on Demand is equivalent to Västtrafik’s existing tickets, including period tickets and senior cards. This means that passengers can enjoy the same fares as regular public transportation.

To reach us at Skibikehike, our bus stop is named “Ulricehamns skidbacke.”

Try the service until April 2024:

Bus on Demand is currently in a testing phase and will continue until April 2024. During this period, fixed-line traffic will operate as usual.

Experience the future of travel today with Västtrafik’s Bus on Demand – a service that puts the passenger at the center! For more information, visit Västtrafik’s official website.

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